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Microwave Oven
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Made In Japan, Auto Bakery, 33L


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Auto Bakery

Auto Bakery (21 Menus)

For delicious and quick-to-bake breads using the Convection Oven.



Healthy Cooking

Superheated Steam

Cook healthy meals using Superheated Steam that reduces calories by removing excess fats.

Superheated Steam is generated by instantaneously reheating 100°C steam. It contains approximately 11x more thermal energy than a conventional oven’s hot air.

Superheated Steam

Superheated Steam steam, Phreatic Explosion

Steam generated in the boiler is heated immediately by the high-temperature heater.

Normal Steam

Condensation Begins Immediately

Pooled water in the container gets steamed up by the heater.




Super Grill Tray Unit Generates heat using Microwave, Steam Lid Traps the steam within, allowing it to irculate in oven

Healthy Cooking with Heat Control is Now Made Simple

Hitachi’s unique Steam-grill function found on the Auto Menu uses a grill tray and steam lid to cook food. Using a combination of Superheated Steam, Oven, Steam and Microwave, this method of cooking allows you to cook dishes that require complex heat control, healthy oil-free stir-fried dishes as well as Vitamin C retention in your food.



Easy to Clean and Maintain

As cooking is done using the steam lid and grill plate, dirt cannot easily get into the machine, which makes the clean-up hassle free. After cooking, the grill plate and steam lid can be washed and cleaned as a whole.




Touch Screen LCD Panel

Frequently used functions can be selected conveniently from the first display screen. The functions are conveniently accessed via the touch panel.



Triple Weight Sensor

Table Plate Inside, Weight Sensor

Uses a three-point measuring system to weigh the food and automatically detects the optimum temperature and cooking time. The Sensor also detects the food’s position, allowing precise focusing of microwaves for more efficient reheating.



Oven Capacity [L]*1
Triple Weight Sensor & Temp Sensor
Microwave Power [W] : 1000*2/700/600/500/200/100
Heater : Double Radiant Heater 2 Layer-Cooking
Heat Wrapping Oven
Temperature [℃] : 300*3/100-250 Leaven (30/35/40/50)
Far Infrared Heater
Water Tank
Superheated Steam : Boiler & Convection
Recipes in Recipe Book
Total Recipes : 232
Auto Modes : 200
LCD Display (with Touch Panel)
Cleaning Mode
Deodorizing Mode
Auto Power Off
No-Oil Deep-Fry Menu
Soft Closing Door
Ceramic Tray
Metal Trays : 2 Trays : 41 × 30 cm
Grill : Super Grill Tray Unit, Grill Lid
Accessories for Bakery
Dimensions [mm]
Oven Cavity : W×D×H : 400×322×240
Rated Voltage [V] & Frequency [Hz]
230 & 50
Max. Power Consumption [W]
Microwave : 1450
Oven : 1420
Grill : 1350
Net Weight [kg]
*1 In accordance with "Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)"
*2 Maximum three minutes with the short duration, high output function. Only works withh limited functions such as Auto Reheat.
*3 Operating time is five minutes at maximum heat.300℃ only works with Preheat (MRO-NBK5000E, AV200E)
Automatically reduces from 300℃ to 250℃ (MRO-NBK5000E, AV200E)
Automatically reduces from 250℃ to 230℃ (MRO-AV100E)*4Functions include reheat preparation, etc.

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